Share your experience

This page is just for you, tell everyone about your experience or or your dreams about aquaponics. You might be able to give others ideas about what to do or not to do. Feel free to add pictures and descriptive info about your system.

Keep us and the other toadstool readers uptodate with what is changing/ sucseesful and not.

Be sure to let us know where you are writing from.



  1. dont be affraid to share, anyone can do it!!

  2. I have had to cut my marigolds down due to spider infestation. The spiders have covered the plant with their web. I would like to know how I can kill the spiders without harming my plants.

  3. I manage a hostel in Girdwood, AK. I recently set up an aqupanics system in the common room for the guests. I tried to make fun and educational. If I move to warmer climate I would like an outside system possibly like your Second Aquaponic Setup. Thanks for the good info and detailed pics.

  4. I am writing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada.
    I have found that grits or cornmeal as we call it in Canada helps when sprinkled on an ant hill or where ants are congregating. But you have to sprinkle the cornmeal on the site on a dry day.

  5. Hi everyone, currently on my 2nd week of running my aquaponic system in our backyard. Same as with most of us beginners, things are looking great but learning doesn’t stop. I am quite lucky that I’m from the tropics and temperature is very ideal for an aquaponics.

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