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This page is made just to answer any and all of your question to the best of my ability.

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  1. Hi, Loved your article on combination planting…. have a large vege garden and am wondering what i can plant up next to the chillies?
    Can tomatoes grow with them?

  2. I don’t know much about Chili peppers….except

    Don’t plant sweet peppers close to hot peppers they can cross-pollinate

    Don’t plant peppers where tomatoes or eggplants grew previously, because they are members of the nightshade family and are subject to similar diseases…unless your doing aquaponics and than it does not matter…

    Plant peppers and other nightshade-family plants (tomatoes, eggplants and potatoes) so they are separated by plants from other families.

    “Rodale’s Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening”

    sorry it to ok soo long to get back to you, hope this is still helpful

  3. Where can I get some barrels like the blue ones. My daughter wants to know if white ones would be better.
    Is there a list of places you would recommend as clean hatcheries for us to order eggs from?
    So excited to try this this spring.

    • There are several locations that I am aware of.

      If your county extension teaches, “How to make rain barrels,” most the time they will have a list of places that you can get them cheap (That is where I got my first barrels).

      Some Car Washes… just get rid of there’s… and you can get them for free.

      Craig’s list sometimes have them for $20.00
      you can always ask your local http://www.Freecycle.com

      AS for the “clean hatcheries for us to order eggs from” I just so happen to subscribe to a bird magazine, “Gazette” it has lots of that info in it every issue…. (www.gamebird.com)

  4. What is the best way to stop rabbits from eating my flowers? I live in Florida, yesterday I planted a beautiful hibicus full of flowers and buds. This morning the flowers and buds were all gone and most of the stems had been chewed. There are rabbits in my area and I’m sure that’s what ate my plant.

  5. I am not quite sure the best way to stop the rabbits…

    Perhaps a small fence around your garden, it would need to be barried about a foot completly around the garden. chicken wire works good with a couple of stakes.

    You could get a dog. They love to chase rabbits. exspeialy hounds.

    With aquaponics the plants are surrounded by water, so this is not a problem for my bun buns.

    I have rabbits and grow things they like to eat. I was surprised to find out they don’t eat squash or Swiss chard leaves and certain lettuces. However, they love, I mean they love broccoli leaves and now I know they love hibiscus.

    Think of it this way of all the yards to visit, they loved yours the best! You must be a great gardener!


  6. I have planted runner beands & tomatoes together in large tree-sized pots (2 of each olant in each) & built climbing cages around them. I want to know what pest repelling plants I might set into the pots, which would be compatible with both Dwarf French Runners, Scarlet Emperor runners, Moneymaker & Beefeatef tomatoes? Also, is there a compatible pest repellant plant for Lemon Balm? I appreciate any help or advice that anyone can offer. Peace & regards to all.

  7. Do you know of any flowers that do not attract bees? My daughter wants to plant flowers but her husband is allergic to bee stings. THey live in North Carolina.
    Rae Lynn

  8. Hi,

    For an aquaponic system, what’s the purpose of the biofilter? I thought the gravel beds where the plants grow were the biofilter. I started a small aquaponic system using a 20 gallon fishtank, but the fish have been dying and the ammonia levels are a little high. I was thinking about adding a biofilter, but I’ve read mixed things about whether or not to do so.

    – Bobby

  9. I have planted marigolds several times in my flower garden and something keeps digging them up, roots and all and eating tops off some of them. I have moth balls in garden to try and chase animals away and they still dig my plants up. Do you have any ideas ?

  10. I read that ants hate cucumbers,but my plants are covered in ants.I was wondering if the ants are keeping the bees from pollinating my cukes?
    The plants look full and great,but the fruit is only getting about 1-11/2 inches long and about half the size of a pencil around,and then turning yellow shriveling and dying.
    I also saw where if you plant radishes it keeps away cucumber beetles,I have radishes and the beetles.I know what kind of damage the beetles do to cukes,last year I had radishes planted next to the cucumbers and had the beetles,but I also had plenty of big cukes.
    thank you

  11. Help!!!

    i think that i have whitefly on my sprouting broccoli and calabrese, i have got sweet corn growing next to it and think that they have started to move to them too, what can i do to get rid of it ??? and will it keep spreading to all my other plants ??

    please help,

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