There are two ways to look at a cup. ½ full or ½ empty.

And there are two ways to deal with my Fibromyalgia, accept I can’t do things because of my pain and fatigue or do what I can do and enjoy the journey.

Well here at the toadstool I am enjoying the journey!

My herbalist, Virginia Dasslerwants me to eat organic food, eat better, eat better! But the cost! I buy 4 bags of Organic groceries and I spend $100.00 . I want to garden but my fibro will not let me. The bending, the daily work, which was not as bad as being unable to water the plants or just forgetting to water the plants. Boy , I love the brain fog but my plants sure didn’t. I have even tried square foot gardening  which was easier than traditional gardening but still too much for this fibro gal.. (However, I still use his spacing ideas). I even tried my hand at container gardening, but out of five large containers I lost all but one herb. What do I do? 


Aquaponics is basically plants and fish water. I look at it as Hydroponics made easier. The differences between the two are that Hydroponics uses chemicals and Aquaponics uses the fish waste. 

This is a perfect match for me . I already had a 500 gallon ornamental pond, with a few goldfish, Shubunkin Goldfish and Gambusia (The Mosquito fish).

Now just add a tank or two and I got some veggies… well not quite but I was on the right track. This blog is about this journey. 

Come along with me, help me, encourage me, and I will try to encourage you. Whether you have a couple of stumbling stones in your way or a down right boulder, don’t give up and what a wonderful opportunity to learn patience and gain a friend.

God Bless




  1. Your site has some great information. I’m currently working on setting up my own small aquaponic farm.

    thanks for all the posts.


  2. Great Site. need some upto date postings!!!!!

  3. Try the self watering containers, I have used them for two years for my 78 year old mom and she grown about 10 gallon of tomatoes and a easy 5 gallon bucket of peppers each year. Once they are made they are wonderful. They are up high and so make it easier for her. CArol

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