Posted by: dwjmcneil | April 9, 2008


So I have found a very unexspesive place to buy equipment for my new pond arrangement. Dons Marine Salvage was like a “mans” toy store. It was made with the “pack rack” inthuseast in mind. They had anything and everything boat related.

I found that large ships normaly have large septic tanks made out of fiber glass. The bigger the ship, the bigger the tank. I found one that was perfect, with alittle modifing. It was only $35. what is so great about these giant “poop tanks,” is that they are made with inturnal baffle (the baffles are inturnal walls that keep the sewage from sloshing around). This will make for a great breading tank, becasue the walls are already in place to seperate my fingerlings and my my breading females. With a reciprocating saw, I opened in up like a can-opener.

The tank is approxamently 5′ x 3’6” x 2’6” and the inside is divided into 9 equial squares. All of the squares will becoming out with the exseption of on inner wall that will divide the tank into two uneaqual parts. 1/3 will be for breading, 2/3 fingerlings.

I will have pics, and more info on some of the other great stuff I found. 



  1. Hi, I was wondering if you know of a source to get used billboard material to be used as liners? Thanks, Michelle

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