Posted by: grandma | January 4, 2008

Dont leave your Worms in the cold

In Beautiful Florida we have had record breaking low temperatures. No where close to other places in the world, but we have had some below FREEZING.

I was brainstorming with my neighbor about keeping my fish warm, and he reminded me about my worms.

We came up w/ a quick fix to make things a bit warmer: 

Add plastic over the barrels it will help be a mini insulator, and keep down the wind chill. Horse Manure, which I got for free at a near by stable.

About 5 gallons of shredded paper, which I shredded with an office shredder

….fresh manure is usually never used in worm garden because it will get toooooo HOT. I thought this would be perfect for this kind of weather. But it did not work!! My worm bed was 30 degrees F.

I was sure that would work.? So I brought them in tonight, to warm them up.

I hope I did not lose any….


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