Posted by: dwjmcneil | December 27, 2007

Website Progress!!

Ok, Christmas was good.

I’m glad to see progress with the site. I just got to 1,001 Hits!!! It hasn’t even been two months yet. Whats the point of writing if know ones reading, right? I would still do it anyways, its just fun!

I started doing aquaponics to help my mother, but in doing so, I have really enjoyed it. It has become a passion. Its pretty sad when all of your Friends tell you there sick of hearing about your “fish.” For me, its not just about “fish,” its a hobby. I know lots of you out there do this for living, but that’s a lot of work. The level that I’m doing it at is satisfying, but still easy to maintain.

Of course there are dreams of expanding. “With much is given, much is required.” So I’m happy. I would love to read about any of your adventures with aquaponics. There is other people that do this “fish thing.” Hear is another enthusiast that has the same hobby.



  1. Hi there, read your post. I’m also interested in a small aquaponics setup… just to supply a fish for the pan every now and then kind of thing… If your friends are tired of hearing about your fish – get new friends! šŸ™‚ Enjoy, it’s always good to have a few hobbies!

  2. Hey Smiley, it seems to be a lot more work than your average fish tank, but becaues it is a hobbie, its no big thing!!
    Have you started an aquaponic system yet?

    Im fairly new at this, but I have gathered lots of info, let me know if I can be any help.

  3. congrats on 1000 hits! the first of many milestones im sure

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