Posted by: dwjmcneil | December 23, 2007

Merry-X-Mass; candy canes

Merry X-Mass

Jesus the Son of Christ has been born.

I found this about Candy Canes:


   The Candy Cane was first introduced in the late 1880’s by a candy- maker in Indiana. He wanted to make a candy that could be a witness during the holiday season. He began with a stripe of pure, white to show the virgin birth and the sinless nature of Jesus Christ. The hardness of the candy was to reperesnt Jesus as the Solid Rock, the foundation of the church, and the firmness of the promises of God. The white stripes on the Candy Cane represent the purity of Christ. The small red stripes symbolize the scourging of Jesus before he was hung on the cross.

   The shape of the the Candy Cane represents the Shepherd’s staff becuase Jesus is the great shepherd. If you flip the Candy Cane around, you will notice the letter “J” which is the first letter of Jesus’ name.



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