Posted by: dwjmcneil | December 14, 2007

Bitter Romaine Lettuce

Is the romaine lettuce normally bitter? Mine alway seems to have a “kick you in the butt” taste. My leaves are big, and the stalk is tall, but… bitter. Am I doing something wrong, or does my lettuce taste right, and everyone else’s are wrong?

So readers, any help? 



  1. I believe it is because of the unseasonably warm weather in Florida this year.

  2. I grew up in Iowa where it is very hot in the summer and we never had bitter lettuce so I don’t think it is the heat. I now live in Hawaii and our aquaponic lettuce is bitter and it is an average 85 degrees here, a good 20 cooler than Iowa. I have seen post that state the slower the lettuce grows, the more bitter it is. In testing our water here, we find that we do not have any potassium registered in our water. In short I am still looking for the answer. E mail me if you find one, please.

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