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I have mentioned it, but haven’t really talked about it. The web site is a PDF file that gives step by step instructions on how to build there flood and drain system. He also gives a list of ingredients of items to build your own system.

It only uses three (3) 55gal barrels. One for the fish, one that is cut in half for the plants (grow in the gravel), and the third barrel is to help maintain the water return. Travis W Hughey, the creator of Barrel-Ponics, writes (my favorite):

“…you do not have to have a college degee to be successful with aquaponics on the home level. Just like you do not have to understand the chemical process that goes on during combustion in the engine of your car to successfully operate it[.] [Y]ou do not need fully understand the complexities of the biochemistry involved in aquaponics…”

I want to try this system because that plants look so good. Have you tried it yet?

let me know.



  1. You might say I have tried it as I wrote the manual:-). If you have any questions please feel free to ask. Also visit my website for a much larger version if you want it. It is in the aquaponics section of the Technology area.

  2. Wow, I am honored to have you vist my site.
    Ok, here is a question for the exspert.
    “With barrel-ponics, are you limited to the types of plant that can be grown within the system?”

  3. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I have grown a many different crops in my systems and the only ones you may have a bit of problemswith are any plants that have a weakness for powdery mildew such as squash. That being said I am currently experimenting with going vertical with these plants and they seem to be doing much better. The main issue here is air circulation since the nature of the system is very wet.

  4. Hello – My husband and I have retired in Sebring,FL.We have a new veg. garden in self-watering barrels.We are looking for info. on a very small set up for tilapia using barrels. Do you have a good source for breeders that is inexpensive? We just want this for home use and would appreciate any information.

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