Posted by: dwjmcneil | December 1, 2007


What can you do at home to ensure food safety?

Even with many safety precautions in place, it’s up to you to safely store, prepare, cook and serve fish. Follow these tips to ensure food safety:

§                       Don’t consume raw seafood, particularly raw shellfish.

§                       Securely wrap fresh fish in a plastic bag or moisture-proof paper and store in your refrigerator.

§                       Use fresh fish within two days, but preferably the day of purchase. Store frozen seafood no more than six months.

§                       Defrost frozen seafood in the refrigerator just before cooking. For quicker thawing, place frozen fish in a sealed bag and immerse in cold water. Don’t refreeze fish.

§                       Wash hands, cutting boards and utensils with soap and water after coming in contact with fish.

§                       Allow 10 minutes of cooking time for every inch of thickness for medium-cooked fish. To see if it’s done, use a fork or the tip of a knife to cut into the flesh. The fish should separate into flakes and appear opaque throughout.

Mayo-Clinic (Tools for healthier lives)


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