Posted by: grandma | November 28, 2007

How to Catch Tialpia; Without a Hook


Today my grandson wanted to feed the fish a worm. Hee dropped it into the pond and it landed onto a Lilly pad. I bent down to get it for him and then he dropped it onto another plant. I decided to speed things up for the little worm and feed the fish myself. As I squatted down toward the water the worm was just touching the surface. All of a sudden a tilapia came up grabbed the worm and my fingers. I guess if I want to catch my fish just dangle a worm over the water.

This one of my favorite things about my pond. Feeding my fish and listening to the water is so therapeutic. I have also trained my gold fish (before I had my tilapia), to eat the food pellets right between my toes. It tickles. If you are small scale, this is a must.


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