Posted by: dwjmcneil | November 20, 2007

Why Worms


Worms are great source of protein. I’m not sure if I could stomach them, but my fish love them. I love to watch the fish hit the water to devour the worms. As soon as the worms hit the surface of the water, the fish are munching and crunching. It looks as if there is a see monster coming up from the water. FUN to watch. I got my worms online. About $30 + $8 shipping and handling gets you one lb.  

The great thing about worms is that they reproduce so quickly. You feed your fish a handful of worms and you will never know the difference in your worm bin.

I don’t like to think of myself as a health nut, but I like the idea of recycling. Your worms eat your every day table scraps and turns it in to rich soil. NO Waist!!! Worms are good for the inviroment, fish, and soil.

There new to me, so I’m still working out the kinks. 


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