Posted by: grandma | November 19, 2007

2nd Aquaponic Set up

2nd System

My second Aquaponic Set up 

I was in total frustration not getting my first system running until I found Morning Star Fishermen, I took a one Day Seminar, and Their methods were a-little different then the Austrians. Morning Star used Deep Water Culture (the plant roots are suspended over oxygenated the Fish water). My Austrian Mates used Flood and Drain. Pat, from Morning Star, made me promise I would check out Aquaponics Journal.. He knew I was having trouble deciding what to do. Most of them do Deep Water Culture .To change the Grow Bed to Deep Water Culture We had to empty out the gravel. (Note: the water had been running about three months continuously through the gravel tank and had never been clean out… when we broke down the system It was surprisingly clean even at the bottom of all that gravel.)

  • cut to size two large sheets of Styrofoam. 
  •  Glue the two sheets together.
  • Cut in a 4”  grid pattern  1-7/8” holes. 
  •  Paint the Styrofoam with a non toxic water base paint (tempera).
  • Add a stand-drain. We had the drain near the bottom of the tank, and we add a stand Pipe  (A pipe perpendicular to the drain)– to keep the water at a height of about 2” below the top edge. 
  • Thanks to my son David, He had us add a overflow drain for any emergency. (Sure glad we did this, it has come in handy a zillion times.)

For a Clarifier we used a 55 gallon drum. Our pump was pumping 750 g.P.H. 

pvc in clarifier

It stirred up the water, so David added some pvc to the bottom of the pipe to cause the water to enter the clarifier at a slower rate.  

For the Bio-Filter we added an old cast net we had, that my dad had made for me.

bio filter


2nd system- what is what

November 2007 After my system was up and running I discovered from  Aquaponics Journal   That Travis Hughey, does Barrel-Ponics, in 55 gallon barrels and he does flood and drain in pea gravel… super easy… one day I will add his method to the mix.



  1. nice picture of the sytem set-up – this should be on its own page! looks like this should be a fairly easy set-up, but i know looks can be decieving.

  2. More to come with step-by-step instrutions on how to do.
    This is on its own page… At The top of the page next to the “411,” on the left. If you have any trouble finding it, let me know

  3. Very good however .I have tried the same system with hydro and in a solid solution the plants seem to have trouble in uptaking all of the nutrients.. So growth is very slow and not fast . with the systems it can be good practice to add some iron powder(seems to help heaps. As the plants start to grow in your foam they will tend to stay a bit yellow (not dark green ) the water hyesent naturally would look fantastic and absorbe many nutients. If you remember that it will take up to 6 weeks for the bio to kick in and you add the fish at the right rate at the right time . As i am into extensive fish farming as well as being able to use the availible nutrients to produce vegies ( mainly overseas in areas of low economic standards ,where food is soooo short.) my company has been working on this for about 2 years now PS i can see a lot of thought and work has been put into this prodject…..well done Keep up the good work and one day we may be able to help solve the problems of the starving of this world. Hats off to you. Ps please feel free to contact me and chat if you want. regards Bruce.

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