Posted by: grandma | November 18, 2007

1st Aquaponic Set up

Flood and Drain 

My First Aquaponic Set up

From I found out about Hydroponic Growing Techniques

I started Aquaponics with my Australian mates. @Practical Aquaponics The guys from Australia were great. I loved their ideas and read all I could from THEM. I added two old plastic above ground ponds I had used at one time. The smaller of the two I used for a Bio-filer and the Larger one for a Grow bed. To the grow bed container we added a yard of pea gravel.. My Austrian Mates used the flood and drain method. (The grow bed is flooded periodically and various medium can be used for the root system)  With A Fish tank and a grow bed(s) of at least 12 inches of pea gravel. (This is also the bio-filter) They also had one Pump, timer, siphons, and a sump pump.)  I wanted to stay with Practical Aquaponics, because their vegetables were impressive, but I was having too much trouble with timers, siphons and maneuvering on their web site. I found out quickly that this girl from the states needed more hands on help.



  1. I wish you the best of luck. I can not wait to start my own Aquaponics facility

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