Posted by: grandma | November 16, 2007

Growing Methods


There is basically five growing methods. This is the hardest part of Aquaponics, deciding which system to use 

Nutrient Film Technique: The nutrient is fed into grow tubes where the roots draw it up. The fish water is pumped into a 5” pvc drain pipe.  Holes drilled approximated 1 7/8” in diameter (the plants are put into net pots inside the holes).

Drip-Irrigation or Micro-Irrigation: The nutrient solution is delivered to the plants through drip emitters on a timed system.

Aeroponics / Deep Water Culture: The Plant roots are suspended in highly oxygenated nutrient solution.

Flood & Drain: The plant medium and roots are soaked, and then drained at specific intervals.

Passive Planters or Self Watering Wicks: A porous growing medium to support plant roots, the plants in the nutrient solution at all times. The plant takes as much or as little water as they want.



  1. Which growing method do you recommend?

  2. Mike,
    I am using the Aeropnics/ Deep water culture (where the plant roots are suspended in a highly oxgenated fish water). I am axious to try the flood and drain method (where the plant medium and roots are soaked, and then drained at specific intervals). My Australian mates and Barrel-ponics use these methods. the vegetables look outstanding. But mine looking pretty good also.

    I will not know which one I like best untill I try them both. But these to look to be my favorit.

    Thanks for the Q

  3. I am looking to build an aeroponics system and i was wondering what the heck is up with foggers? They seem to be either 50 cents from a hardware store or 50 dollars from a website? what is the difference and is it worth it?

  4. Honestly, I havent had any exsperance with them. you’ll have to let me know how it works out

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