Posted by: dwjmcneil | November 13, 2007

Two Birds, One Stone


Occasionally the water level does drop in my pond. My dogs drink from the tanks, the sun evaporates the water, and there is also water loss in the over spray of my fountains. Heaven forbid I get another leak.


Your tank will get dirty. Sand, fish poop, grandson’s toys, leaves, and just plain gunk. This stuff is not good for the pond, and must be removed (my grandson’s toy I let stay, they always find there way back in).


Clean your pond every time you add water. Home-depot has the tools. They call it (Poolmaster Small Pool, Spa, and Pond Jet Vacuum). You hook a hose to one end, and a pool-pole to another attachment, and your in business. Turn the hose on and you slowly sweep the bottom of you fish tank. The “crud” collects in a white pores bag, while at the same time your adding water to your pond. Genius.


The “crud” and the “gunk” can be collected and put in you worm composting bin, or on a plan outside your aquaponics garden. Its great nutrients for both your worms, trees, and plants.



  1. 20$ seems like a easy and cheap fix!

  2. Dont get carried away with vacuming the ponds bottom. You have to watch the water level. Next thing you know, you will be over flowing with water… I know, I have done it before.

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