Posted by: grandma | November 11, 2007

leaking Water

THE BIGGEST LOSER: Losing a few inches of water over night is never any fun. After awaking one morning I went down to check, and feed my newly added tilapia (about 30). This my usual. To my surprise, about 3/4 of the water was gone. My fish were gulping, and I thought I had lost everything. My main tank ~500 gal. had less than a foot of water.

SO THE FUN PART: I unplugged the pump and started adding water. My next task was to find the leak. Now to make it more fun, there was still dew on the ground. Though it was like finding  needle in a hay stack, I found it!!! There was a 6 inch crack in my above ground, plastic, Wal-mart special, ~250 gal tank.

THE REMEDY:  This was more than a 20 minute fix, so I turned my pump back on and had the water return back into itself to keep the circulation moving. Then drained the ~250gal. and let dry. Then applied plumbers glue to seal the crack, and let that dry. 

The weight of the water was worping the side of the ~250gal. tank. I had four cinder blocks supporting the sides of the tank. The tank was meant to be partly under ground. But because of my Fibro. I’m unable to bend, so I improvised. I had the cinder blocks raised to high, and as the pond “settled” it cracked the side of the tank. So I lowered the cinder block to relieve some of the strain.

PROTECTION: To prevent the water level from dropping so low, I raised my pump. The pump, till now, was sitting on the tank floor. I raised it half way between the top surface, and the bottom of the tank(about 1 1/2 feet). This way it will be harder to accidentally kill all my fish. =)

So far it has worked!!!

NOTE: This is always expensive on the water bill (make sure to call your local water company to let them know that your “filling up your pool,” its cheaper this way). This can only be done once a year, and a minium of 1,200 gal.


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