Posted by: grandma | November 7, 2007


My pond first started out as a 500 gallon ornamental pond, with a few goldfish, Shubunkin Goldfish , and Gambusia (The Mosquito fish). 

gold fish

One of the first problems I had was not enough circulation in the tank. On one side of the under ground tank the water seem to be stagnic. 

The pump has to be at the opposite end of the water return, and I had them at the same end.  First Problem: solved… I found the greatest web site for Practical Aquaponics. Thanks to the Australia guys, I was able to figure out the stagnic problem. They were great.  I loved their ideas, and read all I could from THEM. Stress All I could, for I am not to savvy on searching web sites. From  I found out about Hydroponic Growing Techniques.  I started with my Australian mates and my 500 gal. and I added two old plastic above ground ponds I had used at one time. One tank for a Bio-filer and one that was one at least a foot deep for my Grow bed.  To the grow bed tank I added a yard of pea gravel.  My mates use the Flood and Drain method.



  1. Just curious, what made you decide to start this project? I think it’s a good idea. Not to mention I love Talapia. It’s my favorite fish.

  2. The reason I started Aquaponics I wanted to eat orgainc, cheaper, and get an income.- more to come on this…stayed tuned.

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